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If your computer cannot read a .pdf file

Adobe's PDF ("Portable Document File") format is a worldwide standard
that lets you share copies of your documents with nearly everyone no
matter what operating system, including Windows, Mac OS, Palm,
Pocket PC, Unix, and Linux. PDF files display and print exactly as they
would the original document in the original application.

Most users clicking on the file will find that compatible software on
their computer will automatically engage and the directory will pop up
on their screen as the paper version would look. They can then read
it, print it, copy sections from it, save it, etc.

If you cannot read the files, it is likely that your computer does not
recognize it. You have at least two solutions: (1) obtain the necessary
component for your existing text editing software to read a .pdf file
(which may be available on your original software installation disc), or
(2) download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at
https://get.adobe.com/reader/. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a component
of the full Adobe Acrobat package and is sufficient for reading these


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gladly accept donations from the community to defray our production

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