Group Therapy

A free, community service, licensed mental health professionals may list their
groups on The Group List whether currently running or in wait-list formation.
Submit a brief description or title of each group (up to 40 characters and
spaces), your name, degrees, license type & number, e-mail address, office
address & phone. Groups by pre-licensed facilitators must be listed under
their licensed supervisor's name and license number. Groups cannot be listed
under an organizational name only. Direct any submissions, inquiries, or
corrections to and request updates of this list from the list editor. There is
never a cost to therapists or prospective group participants for The Group
List. The directory is updated every few months. Approximately annually we
confirm with all facilitators the accuracy of their listings. Send Submissions
and Updates to the Editor

Permission to Copy

Permission is granted to the reader to copy and distribute this list as long as
the list editor's contact information is not removed. This list is available via
mail or via download from the internet. We have received over 50,000 visits
to The Group List since first posted on the internet in 2003; we have
received feedback from facilitators that The Group List is generating qualified
referrals to their practices. As a courtesy when contacting facilitators, please
let them know where you learned about their groups.

What is a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP)?

"A Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) is a clinical mental health
professional who meets nationally accepted criteria of education, training,
and experience in group psychotherapy. A CGP is an expert in group
psychotherapy and an ethical practitioner who is committed to group
psychotherapy as an autonomous treatment modality." (American Group
Psychotherapy Association)

Understanding and Acceptance

While the editor makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information
presented in this list, the user is cautioned that this list could include
typographical errors and/or technical inaccuracies. Listings are subject to
change without notification. This list is provided with the understanding that
the editor is not engaged in rendering a professional service in the form of a
recommendation or an endorsement. Groups have not been reviewed or
evaluated. The editor does not represent or warrant that any specific group
is appropriate for any specific individual or specific purpose. Groups are
presumed to be either facilitated by or supervised by independently licensed
mental health professionals; however, credentials have not been verified.
Links contained in our internet directory are provided for the convenience of
the user; no approval or endorsement is implied, and links are opened at the
users risk. Use of this directory constitutes an understanding and acceptance
of these conditions. The Group List is not affiliated with any other

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